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529 Dash, Required Reading for Your 529 Education:
 The goal of the 529 Dash is to address the specific needs and concerns of institutions, advisers and financial professionals who sell and service families and employers in the education financial planning process by creating and sharing industry relevant news, product training and best practices, while also building awareness and understanding of the importance of 529s, ABLE accounts and education financial planning.

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News & Research: Article Round-Up

Here is what you need to know from stories, research and data released this week:

  • Planadviser, “Nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t have emergency savings to last six months.” Editor’s Take: Now more than ever it’s important for families to save and save efficiently whether it is for an emergency fund, retirement, education, travel or other goals. All families have the ability to save and save efficiently for education. Read the article to learn about the startling statistics, and how some families are making progress towards their goals in response to the new hurdles. Read, learn and grow.
  • Nerd’s Eye View, “Using a family dynasty 529 plan for multigenerational college planning.” Editor’s Take: Thank you Michael Kitces and Jeffrey Levine for your long-time support for advisers helping families to make smart money moves around college financial planning. Agreed that multigenerational estate planning is an important factor for an adviser’s or parent’s decision to use a 529 plan, and that the potential planning tactic is often overlooked and underused. Also, thank you College Savings Foundation (CSF) for the opportunity to see Michael present at a past CSF Conference. Thank you, and read to learn more.
  • Next Avenue, “Coronavirus college money dilemmas for parents and children.” Editor’s Take: With students gearing up for back to school, timely podcast on how some are navigating their options for the 2020-2021 school year.
Events: 529 Conference 2020

When: September 21-25, 2020
The 529 Conference is a highly interactive and educational industry gathering where you’ll learn from and network with the entire 529 and ABLE ecosystem. To ensure product training, insight and networking continuity across the 529 and ABLE community while ensuring safety of our attendees, we are transitioning our event to a digital experience in 2020.
How: Registration is now open at 529Conference.com


  • Chris Cyr, Vice President of Business Development, Ascensusbeen confirmed as a panelist on the “Product Strategy, Trends and Outlook” 529 Conference session.
  • Jennifer Tierney, Executive Director, Product Development Manager, Morgan Stanley, been confirmed as a panelist on the “National Broker-Dealer’s View on Product, Marketing and Distribution Strategies” 529 Conference session.
  • Edward Kaminski CIMA®, Senior Business Consultant, New York Life Stable Valuebeen confirmed as a panelist on the “Conservative Investment Strategies” 529 Conference session.
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ABLE Act Column

ABLE accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts for certain individuals with disabilities and their families. 
News, Research, Data & Resources:

  • ABLE National Resource Center, “Welcome to #ABLEtoSave Month.” Editor’s Take: August 2020 is #ABLEtoSave month, and click the link to review what has taken place so far this month and to keep track of what is upcoming for the remainder of the month.
  • US News & World Report, “What is an ABLE Account?” Editor’s Take: Thank you Kimberly Lankford for raising awareness and understanding of ABLE accounts, and for quoting Paul Curley and ISS Market Intelligence in the US News and World report article on ABLE accounts and much appreciated. Also, congrats David Bell of Oregon Treasury Savings Network and Michael Morris of National Disability Institute for your insight in the article as well. Click to learn more.
  • ISS Market Intelligence, “ABLE Summit 2020.” Agenda Updates: 
    • Kandi Pickard, President and CEO, National Down Syndrome Society, has been confirmed as a panelist on the “ABLE Outlook: Challenges & Opportunities” ABLE Summit 2020 panel.
    • Dante Allen, Executive Director, California ABLE Act Board, has been confirmed as a panelist on the “ABLE Outlook: Challenges & Opportunities” ABLE Summit 2020 panel.
    • JJ Hanley, Director, IL ABLE, Office of the Illinois State Treasurer, has been confirmed as a panelist on the “ABLE Outlook: Challenges & Opportunities” ABLE Summit 2020 panel.
    • John Stevens, Esq., Director, Bureau of Savings Programs, Pennsylvania Treasury Department, has been confirmed as a panelist on the ““ABLE Implementation: Product, Marketing & Distribution Perspective” ABLE Summit 2020 panel.
    • Zach Haughawout, Esq., Director of STABLE Account, Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague, has been confirmed as a panelist on the “ABLE Landscape: Meeting the Needs from All Perspectives” ABLE Summit 2020 panel.
    • Jim Balsan, Chief Operating Officer, Sumday Administration, and Director, BNY Mellon, has been confirmed as a panelist on the “ABLE Landscape: Meeting the Needs from All Perspectives” ABLE Summit 2020 panel.
    • Registration for the event is open here.
August 17th, 2020
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