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529 Dash, Required Reading for Your 529 Education: The goal of the 529 Dash is to address the specific needs and concerns of advisers, accountants and estate planners who sell and service families and institutions in the college financial planning process by providing industry relevant news, product training and best practices.

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529 Insiders Article of the Week

Reader’s Perspective: Question and Answer with Nannette Kamien, MBA, Principal with Inspiration Financial Planning LLC

How did this fee-only financial planner find her niche in college financial planning?

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News: Article Round-Up

Here is what you need to know from stories released this week.

JP Morgan, “Catching up on college savings.” Editor’s Take: An 8-page resource that provides tips, strategies and insights on how to maximize college savings even for those with a late start to the planning process.
Benefits Pro, “What’s required for employer-sponsored tuition assistance programs.” Editor’s Take: Learn the 6 requirements needed to offer the college financial planning employee benefit.
Morningstar, “Avoid this 529 misstep to help maximize savings.” Editor’s Take: Timing is an important factor to keep in mind when taking 529 distributions.
CollegeBoard, “EFC calculator.” Editor’s Take: Informative tool that provides insight into how much families can expect to pay, and what factors impacts the calculation as well.
Chief Investment Officer, “Mortgages, cars, credit cards drive household debt higher.” Editor’s Take: Advisors have an opportunity to help families to use debt and student loans responsibility.

Last Week’s Most Read Article:
Wall Street Journal, “Can a ‘529’ last forever?” Editor’s Take: Congrats Susie Bauer on the quotes in the article, and look forward to learning more during your presentation at the Strategic Insight 529 Conference 2017.

Research: Survey Stats on the Go

Here is what you need to know from data and research released this week.

60% of college savers use general bank accounts to save for college, which provide a very low interest rate as a return. Editor’s Take: Not only do bank accounts provide a low level of return, but those returns are typically taxable as well. Advisors have an opportunity to provide value by helping families to save and save efficiently for higher education.
19% of student loan borrowers owe over $50,000. Editor’s Take: Advisors have an opportunity to help clients throughout the entire college financial planning cycle of saving, paying and repaying the cost of higher education in the most efficient way available.

Data: 2Q 2017 529 and ABLE Market Sizing Update

Here is the latest 529 and ABLE market data by Strategic Insight that can be used by the media and other organizations, and contact Strategic Insight for more information and commentary on its proprietary data, research, events and digital publications.

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ABLE Act Column

This week’s top legislative updates, product developments, news and resources relating to ABLE accounts, which are tax-advantaged savings accounts for certain individuals with disabilities and their families.

News, Research, Data & Resources:
Strategic Insight, “List of open ABLE programs.” Editor’s Take: This list has been updated to reflect the launch of New York’s “NY ABLE” program.
MEFA, “Making an impact with Attainable, the ABLE savings plan.” Editor’s Take: Thank you for the insightful article Liz Fontaine, and congrats on the launch.
Tribune Star, “State treasurer lauds ABLE accounts.” Editor’s Take: Congrats to Indiana on the launch of INvestABLE.
529 Insiders, “529 & ABLE 2Q 2017 529 Data Highlights.” Editor’s Take: ABLE is successfully helping a growing number of families to save for qualified expenses.

Events: ABLE Deep-Dive Afternoon Summit 2017 on September 13, 2017 at the JW Marriott, Orlando Grande Lakes. This summit provides insight and networking opportunities to support the successful implementation and usage of ABLE accounts, and please register to learn, network and grow.
Agenda Update:
William Thompson, Deputy Executive Director, Florida Prepaid College Board, has been confirmed as a panelist of the “ABLE Outlook: Challenges & Opportunities” panel

Events: 529 Conference 2017

When: September 11-13, 2017
Where: JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes
Overview: A highly interactive and educational industry gathering with the entire college financial planning ecosystem.
— Pre-conference optional session: ‘Essentials Seminar’ provides training on 529 plans in a constantly evolving market.
— Post-conference optional session: ‘ABLE Afternoon Summit’ provides insight and networking opportunities to support the successful implementation and growth of ABLE accounts.

Agenda Updates:
Session Descriptions Updated: “Marketing and Distribution Strategies-View from the National Broker-Dealers”

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Quote of the Week

“We’d take a 529 contribution for our daughters (15 & 9) over a toy any day.”

Cherie Lowe, Author of Slaying the Debt Dragon

August 21st, 2017
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