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529 Dash, Required Reading for Your 529 Education:
 The goal of the 529 Dash is to address the specific needs and concerns of institutions, advisers and financial professionals who sell and service families and employers in the education financial planning process by creating and sharing industry relevant news, product training and best practices, while also building awareness and understanding of the importance of 529s, ABLE accounts and education financial planning.

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Paul Curley, CFA
Director of Savings Research
529 & ABLE Solutions, ISS Market Intelligence
Twitter: @PaulCurleyBC

Monthly Webinar Series

The following topics will be covered during a panel discussion from industry experts:

  • How 2020’s impact on the 529 industry compares to the great recession of 2008
  • How advisers have adapted to the industry landscape
  • How the industry is increasing transparency and awareness through partnerships like Nasdaq Fund Network and BlackRock

The featured presenters include Paul Curley, Director of Savings Research at ISS Market Intelligence, Devin McCarthy, Managing Director at Nasdaq Fund Network, and Tarun Garg, Head of College Savings at BlackRock.

Register to learn more and to ask questions.

News & Research: Article Round-Up

Here is what you need to know from stories, research and data released this week:

  • Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Webinar, “MSRB Interpretive Guidance Review Webinar.” Editor’s Take: On February 24th at 3pm EST, MSRB will host an educational webinar on their interpretive guidance retrospective review. Click to learn more, and to register today.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York, “Total household debt increased in Q4 2020, newly originated mortgages reach record high.” Editor’s Take: Student loans increased by $9 billion to $1.56 trillion in Q4 2020. Only 6.5% of student loans were delinquent due to the CARES Act protecting loans that were able to be protected. Overall, household debt increased in Q4 2020 and was led by an increase in mortgage debt, while credit card debt declined by $108 billion and home equity lines of credit decreased by $41 billion. Read to learn more about trends in household debt overall, and student loans in particular.
  • 529 Insiders, “4Q 2020 529 & ABLE Market Sizing Highlights.” Editor’s Take: What was the 529 and ABLE market sizing as of 4Q 2020? Read the article to learn more.
Events: 529 Conference 2021

When: November 2-4, 2021
Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes
The 529 Conference is a highly interactive and educational industry gathering where you’ll learn from and network with the entire 529 and ABLE ecosystem to ensure product training, insight and networking across the 529 and ABLE community.

Updates: Please save the date of November 2-4, 2021.

February 22nd, 2021
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