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529 Dash, Required Reading for Your 529 Education: 
The goal of the 529 Dash is to help institutions and financial professionals who help families and employers in the education financial planning process by creating and sharing industry relevant news, product training, market data and best practices, while also building awareness and understanding of the importance of 529 plans and ABLE accounts.

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Paul Curley, CFA
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529 & ABLE Solutions, ISS Market Intelligence
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529 News & Research

Here is what you need to know from stories, research, and data released this week:

  • Think Advisor, “Can Your Clients Tap an IRA to Pay for College?” Editor’s Take: I agree with the article’s core perspective, but from the opposite perspective. 529s provide advisors and parents with an opportunity to save over the short-, medium- and long-term for education financial planning expenses with a multitude of state tax incentives, financial aid benefits, and estate planning differentiators, and an alternative paying strategy for those that didn’t plan enough in the education financial planning bucket can and do use assets in retirement products such as Roth IRAs to pay for educational expenses. That being said, the optimal route is to use educational investment products such as 529s for education financial planning and retirement investment products such as Roth IRAs for retirement financial planning.
  • Aaron on Scouting, “Help your Scout become financially literate with ‘Not-So-Common Cents’.” Editor’s Take: In honor of recognizing April 27th as National Teach Children to Save Day, this article covers the importance of early financial literacy. Have the conversation in your community today.
  • 529 Insiders, “4Q 2022 529 market sizing highlights.” Editor’s Take: What was the 529 market sizing as of 4Q 2022 (December 31, 2022)? Click the link to learn more.
ABLE News & Research

Here is what you need to know from stories, research, and data released this week:

  • NDSS, “First Barbie Doll with Down Syndrome.” Editor’s Take: On April 25, 2023, Mattel released its first Barbie doll of a person with Down Syndrome in collaboration with National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) to “increase representation in the toy aisle.” Also, learn more by reading the press release by NDSS here, reading the Mattel website here, USA Today article and WMUR via CNN article as well. In the interim, ISS MI appreciates the support, time, insight, and leadership of NDSS presenting every year at the annual ABLE Summit by ISS MI.
  • Planadviser, “Disability-affected individuals need better retirement preparation.” Editor’s Take: Thank you Bridget Bearden of EBRI (Employee Benefit Research Institute) for encouraging employers to enable employee contributions to ABLE accounts and offer a matching contribution to employee ABLE accounts. Read, learn and share.
  • 529 Insiders, “4Q 2022 ABLE market sizing highlights.” Editor’s Take: What was the ABLE market sizing as of 4Q 2022 (December 31, 2022)? Click the link to learn more.
Events: 529 Conference 2023

Event announcements and updates released as available:

  • Dates: 529 Conference 2023 will be held from September 19-21, 2023
  • Location: The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, Florida, USA.
  • Venue: Tab on event website now includes link to event room block.
  • Registration: Now open here, and please register today. Early Bird Registration Rate ends June 15, 2023. 
  • Design: 529 Conference 2023 banners have been released on the 529 Dash e-newsletter and 529 Insiders blog. 
  • Agenda Updates:
    • Derek Ashworth, Vice President-Advertising Regulation, FINRA, and Ira Gluck, Senior Director-Advertising Regulation, FINRA, have been confirmed as presenters of the “FINRA Advertising Regulation Overview” 529 Essentials Seminar session and as panelists on the “Legislative & Regulatory Developments” 529 Conference 2023 session.
May 1st, 2023
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