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529 Dash, Required Reading for Your 529 Education: The goal of the 529 Dash is to address the specific needs and concerns of advisers and institutions who sell and service families and employers in the education financial planning process by creating and sharing industry relevant news, product training and best practices, while also building awareness and understanding of the importance of 529s, ABLE accounts and education financial planning.

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Paul Curley, CFA
Director of Savings Research
529 & ABLE Solutions, ISS Market Intelligence
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News & Research: Article Round-Up

Here is what you need to know from stories, research and data released this week:

  • ISS Market Intelligence, 529 Day Webinar by Paul Curley. Editor’s Take: On 5/29/2020, join us on 529 Day for an educational webinar on the top trends in 529 plans and ABLE accounts.  The session will discuss where the college financial planning industry and ABLE accounts are today and what trends we see impacting the industry landscapes going forward. Also, Paul Curley will highlight 529 and ABLE industry announcements, legislative updates, data and research updates, and host a Q&A session. Click the link to register for May’s webinar, and thank you for the support.
  • 529 Insiders, “1Q 2020 529 and ABLE Market Sizing Highlights.” Editor’s Take: The data update provides market sizing for 529 and ABLE accounts as of 1Q 2020, and click to learn more.
  • Fidelity, “College Gifting.” Editor’s Take: Fidelity has rolled out several product enhancements to its 529 gifting platform, and click the link to have a look and learn more. In the meantime, thank you Fidelity for implementing as gifting has become a growing opportunity to save and save efficiently for families, advisers, and institutions alike as a means to reduce and eliminate the student loan debt burden.
  • 529 Insiders, “Status Board: SECURE Act 529 State Updates.” Editor’s Take: Rhode Island was updated from the category of “Not clear or decision pending” to “Allow student loans & allow apprenticeship withdrawals state tax free.” Click to review the current status board.
  • 529 Insiders, “April 2020 Webinar: 529 & ABLE Legislative Update.” Editor’s Take: Paul Curley presented a monthly 529 and ABLE industry update, data and research update, and legislative update on April 30th via webinar and click the link the watch the replay.
ABLE Act Column

ABLE accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts for certain individuals with disabilities and their families.

News, Research, Data & Resources:

  • Capitol Morning Report, “Keeping Up.” Editor’s Take: Thank you Dante Allen for sharing your personal view and your insiders look into running the CalABLE program as executive director. Also, thank you for sharing your perspective on where your program is currently and the goal for the program as well. Click to learn more, and thank you Dante Allen for sharing.
  • YouTube, “How Vermont ABLE accounts help people with disabilities.” Editor’s Take: Kirsten Murphy, Executive Director of Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council, provides a 53 minute presentation on the background of ABLE accounts, how to put ABLE to work and rules to know. Click, watch, and learn.
  • 529 Insiders, “1Q 2020 529 and ABLE Market Sizing Highlights.” Editor’s Take: The data update provides market sizing for 529 and ABLE accounts as of 1Q 2020, and click to learn more.
Quote of the Week

“The fall semester will show how flexible 529 programs have become”, said Paul Curley, director of savings research at ISS Market Intelligence. Other applications for 529 assets include: “technology, computers, peripherals (including a second monitor) and Internet for coursework at home; apprenticeships; and graduate school for mid-career changers and accelerators,” Curley wrote in an email. The programs have also expanded in recent years to private K-12 tuition, apprenticeships and student loans, he noted.”
– Investment News, “What COVID-19 college refunds and online classes mean for 529 plans”

May 19th, 2020
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