529 Conference 2016: Interview with Tiffany Spudich, Chief Client Officer with Capital Cities, LLC

By Paul Curley | paul.curley@strategic-i.com | March 17, 2017

What is Tiffany Spudich’s perspective on 529s and creating the ideal 529 plan investment line-up for advisors, employers and direct investors?

This article features a transcript of a video interview with Tiffany Spudich, Chief Client Officer with Capital Cities from Day 1 of the 529 Conference 2016. At the event, Tiffany presented on the “Conservative Investment Strategies” panel at the 529 Conference 2016. The session covered trends in the typical spectrum of conservative options, the ripple effect of money market reform, the resurgence of stable value and Morningstar’s view on conservative investment options. For over fourteen years, Tiffany has distinguished herself as an expert in investment manager research and ongoing due diligence with Capital Cities. Within the role as Chief Client Officer, Tiffany oversees the firm’s client relationships by providing proactive and responsive service to her key institutional clients which includes several 529 plan state agencies. Also as a member of Capital Cities’ Investment Committee, she actively conducts investment manager research, author’s white papers and assists with the firm’s marketing initiatives. Last but not least, Tiffany received her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and Masters in Business Administration degree from the University of Indianapolis. You can watch the video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/CDi0tpb-MXE, and learn more about Tiffany Spudich and her organization at http://www.capcities.com/. Last but not least, thank you Tiffany for your time, insight and support for working with me on the interview, and we look forward to learning more about 529 investment platforms at the 529 Conference 2017. Please read the question and answer to learn about her perspective on 529s and investment options, and hope that the article provides you with an opportunity to learn more from your peers.

Question 1 (Paul Curley, Editor of the 529 Dash): My name is Paul Curley and I am the Director of College Savings Research (with Strategic Insight). Today we are here on day 1 of the 529 Conference and we are here to speak with Tiffany Spudich of Capital Cities about investment performance, oversight and 529 plans.

Answer 1 (Tiffany Spudich, Chief Client Officer with Capital Cities, LLC): Well, I think it’s critical to have an investment solution for each type of investor. So whether that’s a do-it-for-me solution with an aged-based portfolio or a risk-based type of portfolio. That’s really important. And then also having a do-it-for-yourself solution where you have a suitable number of investments options for participants to build their own diversified portfolio.

Editor’s Final Note: Thank you Tiffany Spudich for your time and insight at the 529 Conference 2016 and for reiterating the importance of using a client centric approach in the product manufacturing and distribution process, and we look forward to learning more at 529 Conference 2017. Also, I would like to provide a special thank you to the readers for learning from your peers, for your support and your engagement. Learn more about the 529 Conference 2017 at www.529conference.com.