The College Funding Coach Fly-In 2019: Executive Summary

By Paul Curley, CFA | | August 29, 2019

Paul Curley of Strategic Insight presented at The College Funding Coach Fly-In 2019 by Brock Jolly on “529 Essentials Seminar 2019”

I am excited to thank Brock Jolly, Founder and Financial Advisor with The College Funding Coach, for the opportunity to present at The College Funding Coach Fly-In 2019 in Tysons Corner, Virginia on August 22, 2019 on a session titled, “529 Essentials Seminar 2019.” Founded in 2002, The College Funding Coach is a national group of financial advisors focused on helping parents solve the dilemma of saving and paying for college, while still being able to retire one day. The group of advisers host approximately 300 free workshops across the country, and generally partners with public and private schools as well as businesses, churches and community organizations. Specific to this article, the group hosted a national fly-in event on August 22nd and 23rd for all of their advisors to discuss the latest in college planning, public speaking, leadership and planning strategies.

The content line-up included a number of national speakers on different topics including practice management, leadership, and public speaking including:
– Joe Jordan, “The Golden Age of Advice”
– Mike Pacchione, “Present Yourself”
– Brian Casey, “CollegeAmerica 529 Strategies & Update”
– Patrick Money, “The Intersection of Admissions and Financial Aid”
– Bill Whitehead, “Emotional Selling” and “Keep the Sales Process on Track & Running Your Practice Like a Business”
– Brock Jolly, “A Vision for the Future”
– Advisor Breakouts, “New Advisors” and “Experienced Advisors”
– Josh Pangborn, “SmartSearch College Funding Tool”
– Brock Jolly, “Becoming a College Funding Coach Ninja”

My 75-minute portion of the agenda focused on the college funding side of the conversation including the state of the 529 industry, in-depth analysis on savings and prepaid programs, and strategies on where I believe advisors can add more value for their clients. The concepts were incorporated into the three sections of: landscape trends and news; product training; and drivers, themes and opportunities. The audience was engaged, interested, and curious throughout my presentation and the sessions throughout the day. Building upon this, thank you Brock for the opportunity to present, and I look forward to your participation and insight on the “Business Building with 529s in the Adviser-Sold Channel“ panel at the Strategic Insight 529 Conference 2019.

Learn more here:
Website: The College Funding Coach
Twitter: The College Funding Coach
LinkedIn: Brock Jolly

Photo: Paul Curley and Brock Jolly

Photo: Patrick Money – Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at George Mason University

Photo: Brian Casey – Vice President at American Funds

Photo: Brock Jolly

Photo: Joe Jordan

Photo: Mike Pacchione – President, The World of Presentations

Photo: Paul Curley