529 Essentials Seminar

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    Registration and Breakfast

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    Opening Remarks: Paul Curley, Director of College Savings Research, Strategic Insight

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    529 Primer & Landscape

    • Background and beginning of 529 plans
    • Types of plans, features and requirements
    • Historical Milestones leading up to where we are today

    Presenter: Chris Stack, Esq., Managing Consultant, Savingforcollege.com

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    Federal Regulatory Framework

    • Legislative benefits and features
    • The role of municipal issuer and program manager
    • Tax regulation of the issuer/program by the IRS
    • Securities regulation of the issuer, program manager, distributor, investment manager by SEC, MSRB

    PresenterMark Chapleau, Esq., Member, Weston Patrick, PA

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    Networking Refreshment Break

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    Plan Governance & Administration Best Practices

    • The fiduciary duties of 529 entities
    • Guidance on good governance processes
    • The underpinnings for disclosure standards
    • Review of the advertising best practices and principles

    Presenter: Andrea Feirstein, Managing Director, AKF Consulting Group

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    Structuring & Evaluating the Investment Line-up

    • Structure in philosophy and in practice
    • Defining key terms and differentiating factors
    • Investment types and management style trends
    • Impact of fees, new asset classes and trends in selection

    Presenter: David Smith, CFA, Managing Partner, Marquette Associates

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    Tax Benefits & Planning

    • Tax benefits, considerations and guidance under IRC Section 529
    • Fundamentals of contributions, asset growth and distributions
    • Qualified expenses, and exemptions to the 10% penalty tax
    • Gift and estate tax provisions, grandparent contributions & custodial 529 accounts

    Presenter: Jamie Canup, Partner/Principal, Hirschler Fleischer

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    Advertising Regulation Overview

    • Introduction to FINRA’s role in advertising 529 plans
    • Advertising fundamentals, process and updates
    • Upcoming topics for review, and best practices for industry participants
    • Questions and comments
    • Time permitting: examples and case studies

    Presenter: Tom Pappas, Vice President-Advertising Regulation, FINRA

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    Networking Refreshment Break

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    Financial Aid: Lifecycle of Planning, Saving and Paying for College

    • Importance of college financial planning, saving and 529s
    • Impact of saving on federal financial aids’s FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE
    • Coordination of 529s with American Opportunity Tax Credit and other higher-education incentives
    • Comprehensive approach to paying for college

    PresenterJulie Shields-Rutyna, Director of College Planning, MEFA, Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority

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    Fundamentals of College Savings Plan Operations

    • Portfolio Valuation, accounting and administration
    • Custody and portfolio trading
    • Participant recordkeeping, NSCC Level 4 and “529 Brokerage” (Omnibus)
    • Overview of an effective service provider oversight model
    • Selected emerging issues and proposed rulemaking by the SEC in the registered funds

    PresentersGeorge Betzios, Founding Partner, Spectra Professional Services
    Kaprel Ozsolak, Founding Partner, Spectra Professional Services

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    Comparing College Savings Vehicles: How do 529s Stack Up?

    • How do 529s alternatives stack up by Stack?
    • Categories of college savings/investment vehicles
    • Strength and weaknesses of different savings vehicles

    Presenter: Chris Stack, Esq., Managing Consultant, Savingforcollege.com

  15. Closing Remarks:
    Paul Curley, Director of College Savings Research, Strategic Insight

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    Cocktail Reception

Special Sessions

“529 Essentials Seminar” (pre-conference session – September 24)
Whether you are new to the college financial planning market or a seasoned pro, this insightful full-day seminar will drill down into the mechanics of 529 plans and provide you with a clear understanding of the ever-evolving tax, regulatory, governance, financial aid, investment and operational implications driving the market today.

ABLE Deep-Dive Afternoon Summit (post-conference session – September 26)
With the launch of ABLE accounts in 2016, we’re dedicating an entire afternoon to product training, news and trends on how firms are involved in the industry, and how firms can successfully participate in the industry from a consumer, product, marketing, distribution and outlook perspective.

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